Vertical Access Lifts

Olympic Lifts offer several innovative lifts focusing on wheelchair users and accessibility. Our solutions include both vertical and inclined options.

The arrival of legislation in support of disabled people has produced much interest and development in public access equipment.

Olympic Lifts has expanded its product offering to include a number of new and innovative lifts focusing on wheelchair users and our desire to provide which can be fitted retrospectively and are subtle in appearance. Our solutions include both vertical and inclined options

Vertical Access Residential Home Lifts

Vertical Access

The Olympic platform lift:

Our classic platform lift offers a simple, cost-effective way to provide access for all within public, commercial or domestic buildings. 

Our platform lift combines design versatility and intuitive use with ease of installation and reliable performance.  It can be installed in new and existing buildings, complementing and blending into any environment, internally or externally. The new external option for the means you get all the quality construction and convenience of the standard lift but with a reliable finish and specification that is ready for the tough outdoors.

Predominantly used as wheelchair lifts or disabled lifts, these lifts require a 50-70mm pit, are installed in their own self-supporting structure and can travel up to 7 metres – for longer travel please contact the office for more options).  

Depending on the length of travel the Olympic Platform Lift can be fitted with either an upper full height door or half height gate.  The Olympic half height gate option, suitable for travel of up to 3 metres, is ideal for enabling access to mezzanine floors or where there are headroom restrictions.

Low Rise up to 1m:

Our wheelchair Step Lift lift series is the ultimate in low rise lifting solutions.  It is hardwearing and reliable and is supplied as standard with a 5 year anti-corrosion warranty.

With minimal building works it is easy to install and can be fitted in most occasions in one day.    Finished in an attractive durable powder coating (other colours available as an option), it provides excellent exterior durability and colour retention.

Our Step Lift can be easily converted to steps by adding an innovative bridging device which allows access for wheelchair users up to 4 steps (1 metre). 

Platform Dimensions (usable area)

LR800 – 1450 x 800mm
LR900 – 1450 x 900mm
LR1100 – 1450 x 1100mm

Footprint Dimensions

LR800 – 1885 x 1004mm
LR900 – 1885 x 1104mm
LR1100 – 1885 x 1304mm


  • Internal or external application
  • Automatic power folding ramp
  • 5-year Anti-Corrosion Warranty
  • Shallow ramp for easy access
  • Non-slip floor
  • Easy to use internal controls for operator independence
  • Manual lowering for use in the event of a power failure
  • Concertina blind fitted to underside of platform
  • Safe working load – 300kg (47stone)
  • Maximum step height – 1000mm


  • A key switch to isolate the lift when not in use
  • Interlocked gate at the upper level
  • Travelling safety barrier
  • Bridging units
  • Power operated gates
  • Special colour and floor finishes
  • Side infill panels – glass or Perspex
  • High spec controls
  • Voice annunciator and platform level indication

The Ascendor

UnaPorte® is a welcome addition to any public building or private residence. The use of high quality materials combined with user friendly technology, make it the perfect solution for people who need assistance in overcoming vertical barriers


  1. Frameless glass safety door – manually operated (optional automatic operation also available)
  2. Wireless call buttons (surface mounted) at each landing as standard
  3. Lift operation console

+ up and down (touch sensitive) buttons

+ emergency stop button

+ emergency call button

  1. Hand rail
  2. Drive unit in standard colour grey metallic
  3. Integrated, flexible access ramp for ease of access (no pit required)
  4. Platform with anti-slip surface
  5. Patented door lock unique design ensures optimum safety and reliability
  6. LED colour display – intuitive graphics enhance the user experience, whilst instilling confidence thanks to real-time status updates
  7. Rear wall cladding made of lightweight aluminium
  8. Electrical emergency lowering

Residential Home Lifts

Olympic Elesse VE15 for up to 2 people.

Elegance in your home. With a choice of colours, finishes and style, Olympic Lifts make it easier than ever to tailor a lift to suit your home. With no requirement for a wall, construction work is minimal, and the ease of installation ensures your lift is ready to enjoy within just a few days. The Elesse is luxury and elegance in a small package.

Extremely flexible, the Olympic Elesse lift does not rely on the need for a wall it can be installed virtually anywhere in the home.  With a footprint of less than, the Elesse lift takes up the least possible space, whilst internally having room for two.

Whatever your budget we can configure your Elesse lift to suit you. A choice of lift colour, flooring and other options to meet your individual taste.


  • Free standing tracks eliminate the need for a load-bearing wall, wider choice of lift locations.
  • Delivered flat packed for ease of transport and entry into the home where the lift is assembled by our trained engineers.
  • Doors and controls can be handed right or left to suit the user.
  • Illuminated internal push button controls designed for ease of use.
  • Audible alarm with battery back-up for use in an emergency.
  • Sensors prevent movement if obstructed.
  • Modern LED lighting.
  • Rated load capacity of 250kg.
  • Full height interlocked door.
  • Power operated door.
  • Wireless control for added convenience.
  • Lift CE marked.
  • Hand rails.
  • Mirror  

The Elesse VE36 will carry multiple passengers or a wheelchair between floors and uses a minimum of floor space within your home.  Like the VE15 this lift requires minimal builders work and takes just 3 days to install.  The exterior aesthetic of the lift is characterised by two striking glass panels on either side and a panoramic automatic glass door.