Olympic Lifts has maintained and repaired escalators and moving walkways for many years and now supply, install and commission an exciting new range of high quality escalator products brimming with the latest features and power­saving options.

Comfort for passengers, combined with low operating costs. Exceptional riding comfort is achieved through products designed on the principles of minimal friction, vibration and noise.

Escalators and moving walkways offer a superbly smooth ride for passengers whilst achieving exceptional durability and outstanding energy efficiency to benefit the building operators.

Advanced control system
Each product has an advanced ADV microprocessor control system that closely monitors and controls the escalator/moving walkway operation through:
• Dot matrix LCD or LED display
• MP3 voice announcement
• Automatic start/stop control with passenger detection and time schedule operation
• RS485 communication link for interface to BMS or remote monitoring system

Built-in quality
Every product is manufactured by using the highest quality materials and components to the most exacting standards, ensuring the Company maintains its position at the forefront of technology and innovation in escalator and moving-walkways.

The equipment fulfils the safety requirements of the EC Directive, carries the CE Mark and complies with BS EN 115:1995. The Company is
ISO9001:2015 accredited.

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