Platform Lifts

Our innovative designs are making way for exciting new products to
enhance the overall public access experience.

The arrival of legislation in support of disabled people has produced much interest and development in public access equipment.

Olympic Lifts has expanded its product offering to include a number of new and innovative lifts focusing on wheelchair users and our desire to provide which can be fitted retrospectively and are subtle in appearance. Our solutions include both vertical and inclined options

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For a truly compact solution, we offer a range of machine room-less lifts which not only fit all components within the lift shaft but also have the exciting feature where the engineering control interface is contained within the volume of a standard 120mm door frame.

This removes the requirement of a separate control cabinet and associated door frame asymmetry.

  • Models range from 6-32 people, 450-2500Kg and speeds from 0.63-2.5m/s

Car finishes include a choice of high quality Formica laminates, brushed and patterned stainless steels along with fully glazed options.

Sensor activated LED efficient lighting is standard along with TFT display screens showing car travel direction, door sequence and floor-level reached along with car temperature. This system can be adapted to show weather reports, logos or other corporate information while passengers are travelling.

Advances in control engineering enable us to diagnose faults and reset equipment remotely, reducing the inconvenience of lifts out of service.

The already efficient drive systems can be augmented with the inclusion of our recently developed energy recovery system which can cut annual running costs by as much as 45%.  This gives the lift an A+ energy rating.  Our lifts allow full compliance with BREEAM Regulations.

Other options include 3D door detectors which will reverse car door closing as people approach the lift, therefore removing the risk of injury to older or frail passengers. Another benefit of this option is that it much reduces the possibility of damage to the door systems when loading goods.

Add value and distinction to your building design with bespoke lift car solutions for the internal or external of your building.

We provide a wide range of solutions which include:

  • Partial or fully glazed lift car
  • Glazed self-supporting lift shaft
  • Partial or fully glazed car and landing doors
  • Complete specialisation or standard solutions
  • Flat panel or curved car walls
  • Wall climber with highly decorative lift car interior and exterior